Verbinden von Rohrnetzen über Stockwerke mit Steigleitungen

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Product InstalSystem 5
Type of article FUNCTIONALITY
Content up-to-date for version IS 5.0 Beta 24


The Strang component enables connecting fragments of a system arranged on several plan sheets, each of which represents a separate storey. This allows making calculations of systems in multistorey buildings. The elevations of riser connections on the individual storeys are determined from the elevations of conduits. The effect of applying the riser and connection points can be checked using the 3D view.


The Strang component is available on the Hauptwerkzeuge toolbar for the following editing scopes: Fußboden/Wand, Decken, Heizkörper.

1.Riser component


Inserting a riser that runs through several storeys

  1. Insert Strang into one of the plan drawings.
  2. Enter the symbol in the Datentabelle and select the starting and terminal storeys.
  3. Make connections to the riser on all storeys using Teilstrecke.

[[[pl:Łączenie kondygnacji z użyciem elementu "Pion"]]